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    WHAT WE DO: Taylored 4U Enterpises helps individuals and organizations take their professional and personal lives to the next level! Together, goals are achieved and winning results are produced! We work to help create the breakthroughs that people are looking for!

    It's time to take life to the TOP!

    HOW WE DO IT: We have created a business in which the focus is all about the client...YOU! Through the various programs of Taylored 4U Enterprises, we offer the tips, tools, and techniques for you to throughly enjoy your work life.


    Workplace professionals can also find support through the Taylored 4 Success vblog and the Taylored 4 Success podcast respectively on both You Tube and BlogtalkRadio. You will find weekly tips that you can apply right away for positive change.

    HOW WE WORK: We are available to work with you as a trainer, speaker or coach individually or with your business/organization. We also offer group coaching and mentoring. Our goal is to help you develop the life and the career that you most desire!

    As a professional with more than 10 years in customer service and training, here at Taylored 4U we enjoy connecting people to the information and services that they need to enhance their personal and professional lives.



  • Cherise Taylor

    Your Confidence Cultivator!

    It's Time for the Next Level!

    Taylored 4 Success TV

    Tips, Tools, Techniques, and Tactics for a Top Notch Career

    Fuel to Move Forward!

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    Coaching, Mentoring, & Training

  • Cherise Taylor

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    Take the limits off of your career and your life.

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    Mentorship Program


    To the Top

    Success Strategy Sessions


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    Your success is my goal!

    Create a vision for your life!

    Cultivate peace & tranquility within your career.

    What are you thinking and saying to yourself about your future?

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    Let's team up and TAKE YOUR ORGANIZATION to the TOP!

    Are you and your organization ready for progress and positive change?


    Whether you are part of a non-profit organization, small business, or corporation, Taylored 4U Enterprises has just the right services for you!

  • What We Do

    Training & Speaking


    Take It To The Top Training

    Cutting Edge Results


    Training helps career professionals and small business owners get equipped with the support, confidence and action steps to establish or continue on their way to a divine destiny all through the dips and dings that life may bring.


    Take It To The Top Speaking

    Inspiring & Motivating You To TAKE ACTION!

    As a professional speaker, my goal is to inspire and motivate people to take continual action that will transform their lives for the better and help them to pursue their passions with power! With transformation comes elevation in our lives.

    Take It To The Top Topics

    Training to Gain Momentum and Clarity

    Taylored 4U Enterprises trains in the field of soft skills for your organization or business. Next Level Customer Service, Quality Care Customer Service, Civility in the Cubicles, Courageous Leadership, Take It To The Top Teams, Stress Elimination, Professional Polish, and so much more. If you workplace involves people, our training will help tremendously!

  • Services

    Training & Transformational Speaking & Coaching

    At Taylored 4U Enterprises your success matters!


    Businesses and organizations of all sizes benefit from our programs and services to inspire and support individuals and teams to develop daily and reach their fullest potential.


    We've helped 100's of people move forward and we can help you and your organization too!

    Success leaves a blueprint. Don't reinvent the wheel.


    Use what you already have access to!

    Learn from your past but don't live there!

    The best is yet to come! Be excited!

    We are YOUR partner in success!

    Don't try to take the journey alone!

    Two are always better than one. Whether we are serving organizations & businesses, groups or individuals, Taylored 4U Enterprises can help you achieve clarity, confidence and give you the support needed to take it to the TOP!

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    Books & Learning

    Invest in Your Library Professionals!

    Leading Library Professional

    Connecting the Community to the World

    Cherise Taylor is no stranger to libraries. As a child, her parents often brought her and her siblings to the local library to read and attend story time.

    "I would always be so excited to go to the library. It was a place where I could explore and learn. I was encouraged by my parents to read. During the summer, my mother would often have us read the encyclopedias at home and give her reports on what we learned. The theme song to the children's tv show, Reading Rainbow is still one of my favorites."

    Cherise has worked in various types of libraries including academic, high-school, and public. With more than 15 years of experience, her passion is to serve the wonderful people and organizations that serve their communities in such an important way.

    "The Leading Library Professional Program is something that I wanted to create in order to support and empower library professionals everywhere."

    Cherise offers one on one coaching, and mentoring as well as group training.

    Topics include but are not limited to the following:

    • Self-Care for Library Professionals
    • Being Brave: Setting Boundaries for Customer Behavior
    • Serving Customers With Mental Health Concerns
    • Next Level Customer Service
    • Take it to the Top Telephone Etiquette 
    • Civility in the Cubicles
    • Professional Polish:Presenting Your Best Self Daily
    • Embracing Change
  • Taylored Social

    Social Media & Etiquette greet!

    We help people cultivate connections that last on and offline!

    Savvy Seniors & Social Media

    Social Media Therapy for Seniors

    Group sessions and individual coaching for the chronologically gifted (60+) who want to sail safely into the waters of social media but don't know where to start. Social Media can be a fun and easy way to communicate and keep in touch with family, friends, who are near and far away! I help seniors learn the basics of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. We can have you tweeting, posting, and uploading in no time!
    Pick your favorite social media platform and book your session today! We will patiently and carefully get you socializing online with confidence!

    Social Shine

    Creating a Relatable & Authentic Presence Online

    From your social media profiles as well as your comments and posts online, to your business meetings and webinars, we want you to shine! Rapport and relationship must be established. Let us help guide you to establishing the breakthrough brand called YOU!

    Social T Netiqette Essentials

    Our Manners Matter Online

    Sometimes our computers, tablets, and phones cause us to forget that their is a person or several persons on the other side of our communication via the internet. It is vital to always keep this in mind with every correspondence so that we choose our words carefully and strengthen rather than weaken personal and professional relationships.

  • 314 Reader Lane

    A Book Club for leaders!








    Taylored 4 Success

    Book of the Month


    Building Business Knowledge By Reading Books


    Taylored 4U recommends the book, Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute by Jeff Meyer.

    Readers are leaders!

    Start reading something great today!


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